Class Descriptions

Yoga (Level 1)  If you’re uncomfortable with the heat, you will like this class. This non-hot class is slower paced, with more descriptive experiences where you will develop body awareness, learn the basic postures (asanas) and their modifications.  Appropriate for all ages and levels.


Blend  This class is a fast-paced practice where we combine Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi.  Your heart will be pumping in this class!


Power Hot Yoga  This Yoga/Pilates conditioning class develops strong bodies and minds.  Incorporating weights while holding postures (asanas) is part of this practice.


Vinyasa Flow  In this practice, students will focus on synchronizing their breath to movement to build strength and flexibility.  This class is offered with and without heat.  *We offer this form of yoga as an express class and community class.


Yin Yasa  In Yin Yasa we hold postures longer to allow for flexibility, while also incorporating the vinyasa flow for part of the practice.


Restorative  You will work through a seated practice in which you can recuperate from injury.  Long holds soothe the mind and conscious.  A slower practice will awaken and encourage deeper openings.


Yoga Nidra  This practice deeply rests and restores you through guided imagery and deep relaxation.  Yoga Nidra helps revitalize and rest for optimal immune and nervous system function.


Warm Slow Flow   This practice will guide you through a slower, fluid practice that places strong emphasis connecting movement to breath. Moving at this slower pace allows the body to build strength and balance, in a different way, while transitioning from one asana to another. The room will be heated just enough to warm the muscles in preparation. While this class will be challenging, it is suitable for all levels (though a level 1 class is suggested for first-timers!).