Class Descriptions


3-5 week Beginner series are offered various times throughout the year, led by 500 RYT (Registered Yoga Trainers) instructors; perfect for anyone new to yoga. Check our website for the next offering.

Beginner classes offered regularly throughout the week to continue your practice.  This class is a perfect introduction to Vinyasa flow.  Classes are either non-heated or warm.

Restorative classes are a slower paced practice that encourages mindfulness and deeper openings through the use of longer holds.  Attention is given to modifications that allow participants to experience the benefits of each posture.

Gentle- Gentle yoga is appropriate for those who want a softer, nurturing, slow-paced, well-supported and relaxing practice. Poses are carefully orchestrated so you can achieve not only relaxation but improved flexibility and mindfulness.  We do ask that you bring your own equipment like pillows, blocks, and blankets.  We do offer a bolster and blanket combo set for $50 ($53 with tax).

Yin- During this practice you will hold postures for longer periods of time (3-5 minutes) to allow deep tissue release. While this class is fairly passive, using props to support the body, it still requires mental presence and muscle engagement. You will learn to find your “edge”, a place where you experience a manageable amount of sensation. This class is a great compliment to a more active yoga practice and beneficial to anyone from beginners to athletes.

Vinyasa all level classes are offered in both hot and non hot conditions that are slower paced.  You will learn body awareness and basic postures along with their modifications, that are appropriate for all ages and levels.

Lunch- Your midday hour long fix in non-hot conditions.  You will learn body awareness and basic postures along with their modifications, that are appropriate for all ages and levels.

Level 2- We mindfully link movement to breath as we expand our vinyasa practice that explore complex movements and sequences including inversions, arm balances, and deeper twists/backbends.

Power Yoga- Power yoga is a faster paced practice, centered around building strength and endurance. Power yoga emphasizes the flow from one pose to the next and students should expect to move from one posture to another by linking their breathing with the different motions of the body. Though it does require mindfulness and focus on the breath, power yoga is more dynamic than meditative, however, each class will end with a few minutes of meditation to re-center the body and mind.

Follow up the practice with the restorative yoga class that follows, a restful treat for tired bodies after an athletic flow.
Some of the benefits students can expect to gain from a regular power yoga practice are cardiovascular strength, building

Prenatal- The perfect opportunity for moms-to-be! Prepare for birth and keep your body fit at the same time with Downtown Yoga’s prenatal class. This class is suitable for beginner through advanced pregnant practitioners, or women wishing to become pregnant.
Our prenatal class was specially tailored for those who are looking to learn to harness the power of the breath and develop a stronger mind-body awareness. Our skilled 500 Hour prenatal certified teacher, Erica Chesnik, will teach you how to personalize your yoga practice to accommodate for your growing body!


DTY Barre- While Barre has its origins in ballet, no dance experience is needed, and all levels of fitness experience are welcome in this class.  You will spend time on mat-based exercises as well as exercises at the barre. A DTY barre class consists of low impact/high repetition movements, with small isometric exercises to sculpt your arms, core, and legs (especially your booty).   Our barre instructors incorporate a variety of props, including light hand weights, resistance bands, soft pilates balls, and disc sliders, and no two classes are the same!  All of our barre instructors are barre certified through various certification programs. This class will shape your body FAST using muscle groups you didn’t realize you had!

Yoga/Barre Fusion- This class integrates the mindful movement and breathwork of a traditional vinyasa class with the sculpting benefits of Barre-inspired movements. Your practice will be sealed with a traditional Savasana to allow the body a chance to regroup and reset.

Tabatas and Strength Training-  This class includes cardiovascular exercises strategically alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, pushing the limits on your heart rate. This class also includes toning exercises with weights and core conditioning. This class is 45-60 minutes. Sneakers are highly recommended for this class.

SHREDD- This class is the perfect combination of yoga and interval training, that includes Tabatas and strength.


Downtown Cycle- Downtown Cycle offers a ride that will enhance your performance like never before. With state-of-the-art technology, Matrix bikes offer measurable results through watts, rpms, calories, and distance data.  These metrics matter and help achieve goals within every class.